Lightness by Design AB

Lightness by Design AB

Lightness by Design provides consulting services within simulation supported product development, design evaluation, and optimization of structures.

The company is owned and operated by a group of experienced engineers with a long list of clients within Swedish industry including the Swedish Defense Material Administration, Swedish Space Corporation, SAAB EDS (Avitronics), SAAB Aerostructures, Echandia Marine, Storuman Kraft AB, Atlas Copco, Envirotainer Engineering, and FlexProp among others.


  • Stress Analysis
  • Composites
  • Structural Optimization
  • Fluid Structure Interaction

Field of Activity

Lightness by Design’s customers are often from very competitive markets, like Aerospace and Defense, where product performance is extremely important and failure is not an acceptable alternative. Lightness by Design is primarily engaged by clients early on in the design phase to evaluate different concepts and help steer the design work in the right direction. Following projects through to production and verification and assisting with further simulations and testing is a natural extension of this early phase work.

Address & Contact Information

Lightness by Design AB
Holländargatan 22
113 59 Stockholm